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AF Innovation Co., Ltd. Was founded on January 4, 2006. We started the business with consulting, design, distribution, installation, and after sales service of water supply system, drinking water system, recycled water system, and water system for aquaculture. The scope also includes other areas of environmental work. Our projects are proceeded by the professional teams with full of experiences. We aim to work along with researching and keep the development going on in order to sustainably solve the issues and serve customers’ requirements.

In 2019, we expand the business area to cover air, agriculture, renewable energy, and energy sufficiency. Moreover, we invest in the concession of government and private sectors.


The world has been facing limited energy and polluted environment crises. Driving the world with innovations and cutting edge technologies promotes efficiently use of energy and reduces effects on environment.


We expect to be the leader of environment and alternative energy solution provider.

Long-term goal

To be a leading company who creates the innovations internationally.


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