Solar Energy

Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy, which is naturally replenished in a short period of time, for this reason it is called "renewable energy" or "sustainable energy" source. To take advantages of solar energy, the variety of technologies is used to covert solar energy to heat and electricity. The use of solar energy involves 'energy conservation' because it is the way to use energy source that comes from the nature and uses it more wisely and efficiently. Solar energy has high security, can be trusted in the long run because every device installed without moving parts, also a clean energy that does not contain carbon dioxide, smoke or any pollutants.
Solar energy is a renewable energy because the light from the sun is a never-ending energy. If we calculate the amount of energy from sunlight that falls to the surface of the earth in a matter of hours, the energy obtained. There will be a greater amount of energy that humans on Earth will be able to use in one year. In addition, this solar energy does not release any gases of pollutants. Into the atmosphere of energy from coal, oil or natural gas, the decision to sue solar energy in your day, it is you choose to do the right thing for the future.
The solar system is a system that uses technology to produce electricity from the sun by bringing the sun’s rays, which have photon energy converted into electricity. In addition, the electricity that is converted from the sun’s rays will occur immediately at the panel. Receive energy and can be used within the building immediately which consists of two main components.
1. Solar panels installed on the roof inside the solar panel have two layers of silicon, which have opposite polarities. When the sun shines at the solar panel, the electrons travel from one layer to another layers, which generates electricity.
2. The inverter converts this electricity to a value of 240 volts AC, which can be used within the household.

Solar system (Farm)

Solar system (Rooftop)



Model REX-077C4 REX-107C REX-253C REX-077C5
Purify (%) 67 28 67
Flow Rate (LPM) 7 10 25 7
Power (W) 480 (220VAC/50Hz)
Noise (dB) 55
Weight (Kg) 34 36
Dimensions (mm) 566(W) X 243(D) X 578(H) 583(W) X 243(D) X 578(H)
Usage Home Commercial Office Apartment
Character Standard Deluxe Ventilation Multi (+Aroma)